Our World

What a beautiful world we live in.  Or should I say was?  I know as we get older things change.  That is normal, natural … change.  I don’t know about you, but I see changes that are a bit unnerving.  The photo I used as the Feature Image, is one of my own.  Nothing special one might say, but to me, I see a bright blue sky beautiful trees at the of Fall.

Well, get to the point right! Laughingly, I never thought that would change.  I have another photo and it is much different than the one I just posted.  The Chem-trails, all the metals and aluminum being placed by planes in the our sky’s.  Who gave them the right?  If I could cast a spell, to open their eyes to what they are doing, I think I would if it be the right thing to do.  Show the Elites how much they hurt our planet, how they are killing off bee’s that pollinate. 

How about the food they contaminate with gmo’s, poison, hormones. So much is bad, but I don’t have the time nor the patience to write everything down.  Animals such as cows, chickens get treated so badly. The cows get vaccinated with hormones, which surely gets into the milk and the meat.  The poor chickens are stuffed together and made so fat they can’t walk.  They are fed corn to fatten them up, and the eggs are affected as well. Corn is all sugar and not the diet of chickens or cows.  Why have we not stopped this yet?

My husband and I took a dozen eggs and set them out in the heat, in the crazy weather and for 2 and half to three weeks we actually cracked one open and it looked fine.  What is wrong with these eggs?  I actually had eggs from a chicken that was raised properly, naturally, no hormones, proper food of a chickens. What a glorious taste. It was so very different. The same with grass fed beef, no shots of hormones, tasted different! So wonderfully good. 

Soda, imagine that!  No wonder Coke tastes so bad. Ever since they changed the recipe it never tasted the same. Even when they said they changed it back and called it “Classic”. LIARS!  The change was/is SUGAR!  Instead of using real cane sugar they use corn syrup. I almost fell off my chair.  I tried the coke with cane sugar, and WOW! Coke was back, the real coke!  Instead of using high priced cane sugar, they substituted it for cheap garbage that makes us fat!!  In this country we all fell for it, accepted it.  Fools we have become. They all lie to us and we accept it all as truth.  Why would they lie?  Why would our business’s and government lie to us?  Greed my friends.  Pure and simple, GREED.